BARRINGTON TOPS (Hunter Springs) Observations from 1980
All observations courtesy of Mrs Cathleen Wright
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1980 April 29 First heavy frost
June 29 Snow did not lay
July 5 Snow showers did not lay
August 3 Snow overnight did not lay
27 Snow overnight did not lay
October 29 Last frost
A very bad drought year. Every month below average rainfall except for June. The first Hunter has
stopped running & the middle Hunter. Large bottom dam has dropped 6 inches. If it wasn't for a
crop of irrigated triticale we would have very few cattle on the place. Steers were agisted in a
large area of the forestry. Neighbours lost all his cattle (about 185) that were agisted in the
forestry presumed dead, most known to have died. Numerous springs ceased. Even own house
water dam has dropped so low that it was filled up from the bottom dam. Fortunately no losses in
my garden. Hunter River ceased flowing at Moonan, Belltrees & Segenhoe.
1981 May 10 First heavy frost
June 7 Snow overnight did not lay
24 Snow overnight, light covering all day
July 4 Snow all day but did not lay
5 Snow overnight, 2cm on ground - gone next day
12 Snow overnight did not lay
14 Snow showers all day, gone by 9 o'clock
August 11 Snow showers all day, 2cm on ground - gone next day
31 Snow & sleet all day, 1cm on ground
September 1 Snow & sleet all day & night, 2.5cm on ground - gone next day
November 18 Last heavy frost
1982 May 20 First heavy frost
June 1 Snow overnight, 10cm on ground - gone next day
22 Snow overnight, very cold - 7cm on ground. Snow not melted till 4 days later
July 19 Snow, 7.5cm on ground
20 Snow, another 8.5cm gone by the 22nd
September 10 Snow - thin layer on ground (0.4cm)
30 Snowed all day (15cm), right down to Ellerston. Ring of mountains around Moonan covered in snow
November 20 Last frost
1983 April 7 First heavy frost
July 7 Thin layer of snow
8 More snow, still thin layer
9 Light snow shower
21 Snow & sleet, 10cm on ground - gone by the 24th
August 4 Snow overnight, 1cm on ground
October 20 Flying snow, did not lay
November 18 Last heavy frost
1984 April 26 First heavy frost
June 29 Snow all day, did not lay long
July 1 Snow, did not lay
3 Snowing continuously, 11cm on ground
4 Snowing continuously, 25cm on ground
5 Snowing continuously, 60cm on ground
6 Snow, still 60cm on ground
August 11, 12, 13 Snow showers did not lay long
September 12 Snow showers overnight, did not lay long
October 16 Last heavy frost (very heavy for so late in the year)
Heavy rains in Jan & Feb broke the drought of the last 4 years. Washed away a low level bridge at
Moonan Flat on Jan 30th. Only access by high swinging foot bridge.
Heavy snow all over the district down as far as Belltrees, about 4 inches deep at Moonan Flat
which stayed for almost 2 days. Hunter Springs received 2 foot of snow which stayed for almost 
2 weeks, only washed away by a week of continuous rain.
1985 April 17 First frost
June 5 Snow & sleet all day
6 1 inch of snow on ground, continuing rain washed it away by the next day
21 Snow - rain, did not lay
22 Snow then rain, did not lay
July 19 Snow showers did not lay
August 7 Snow showers, 2.5cm on ground
8 Rain washed snow away
September 2 Snow overnight, 16cm on ground - gone by the 5th
1986 April 28 First frost
July 9 Snow showers day & night, 3cm on ground
August 6 Snow overnight (5cm), rain all next day washed it away
November 19 Blanket of snow covered everything overnight
20 Snow showers & sleet followed by heavy rain
1987 May 23 First heavy frost (very late in an unusually warm season)
28 0.6cm of snow did not lay for long
July 23 Snow during day gone by morning
September 1 1cm of snow did not lay for long
October 13 Last frost, only light
1988 May 9 First frost
June 9 First heavy frost (very unusually late)
July 23,24 Sleet
August 6 Snow overnight did not lay
7 Snow showers did not lay
8 Still snowing, 6cm on ground
9 Snow, most melted during the day
29 Snow & sleet, did not lay
September 20 Snow & sleet, did not lay
Severe storms on 21st Jan. Heavy winds demolished willow trees at back of croquet courts at
Moonan. Library lost roof as well as several houses in the area. Almost everybody at Moonan
suffered some sort of wind damage. We lost fowl house & loosened iron on shed roof at Moonan
Very heavy rain in Dec, 116.6mm on the 16th. Heaviest I've recorded for a days rain.
1989 May 24 First frost
June 10 Snow & sleet, light cover
11 Snow & sleet, 1cm cover
21 Snow & sleet followed by rain, did not lay
24 Snow & sleet, 2cm cover
July 5 Snow overnight did not lay
7 Snow overnight did not lay
18 Snow all day & night, 5cm cover
19 Snow, rain & sleet - became frozen overnight & took several days to go
23 Snow in morning turned to rain
24 Rain, sleet then snow overnight - 2cm cover
August 1 Rain overnight, 1cm soon disappeared
6 Snow, did not lay
8 Snow, 3cm cover
9 Snow only left in shady areas
24 Snow, 1cm cover only layed for half a day
September 27 Snow - rain, sleet then snow all day nearly gone by morning
October 4 Last frost
December 30 Newcastle earthquake