BARRINGTON TOPS (Hunter Springs) Observations from 1990
All observations courtesy of Mrs Cathleen Wright
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1990 April 28 First frost
June 23 Snow, sleet & heavy rain. Did not lay
26 Snow & sleet (1cm on ground)
27 Sleet
28 Snow overnight (6cm on ground)
July 2 Snow overnight after heavy rain washed previous fall away (4cm on ground)
3 Snow (6cm on ground)
4 Snow (8cm on ground)
6 Rain followed by snow (2cm on ground)
27 Snow (dusting only)
28 Rain & snow with snow overnight (2cm on ground)
August 3 Snow all night (16.5cm on ground) further snow through the day amounted to 23cm
4 Snow followed by rain, nearly all gone
23 Sleet then snow (5cm)
26 Sleet then snow (6cm)
October 14 Last frost
Very heavy rains again in April, floods everywhere. Completely wiped out towns of Nyngen (NSW)
& Charleville (QLD)
Very severe floods late July & August affecting Bathurst & Dubbo this time
Very dry Nov & Dec. Bad bushfires around Moonan started at McCallums at Donalds Creek thru
Belford Park & old Belford Garlands. Mailers wind changed when it reached Garlands & stopped
it heading for Moonan. Very hot & very windy, firefighters working night shifts on the fires Christmas
Eve & Christmas Day.
1991 April 16 First frost
June 23 First heavy frost
July 14 Rain, sleet then snow overnight (8cm on ground)
August 24 Snow (2.5cm on ground)
September 12 Rain, sleet then snow overnight (1cm on ground)
October 29 Last frost
1992 May 25 First heavy frost
June 26 Snow all day & night (9cm)
July 6 Snow did not lay
21 Snow all day (10cm). Followed by heavy frosts that kept the snow there for about a week
August 9 Snow did not lay
25 Snow all day (9cm)
September 30 Snow overnight did not lay
November 2 Last frost - killed capsicums
Very heavy rains & frequent storms in February, broke drought of previous year, floods everywhere.
Gundy bridge washed away on 9th Feb with floods all through Scone.
1993 May 1 First heavy frost
July 12 Rain, sleet & snow (0.5cm)
13 Light snow cover
August 5 Rain, sleet & snow all night (10cm)
October 11 Last frost
1994 May 12 First heavy frost
13 Snow overnight (3cm)
July 31 Snow (6cm)
August 1 Snow still on ground
22 Rain, sleet & snow gone by morning (1cm)
September 21 Sleet & snow, did not lay
27 Light snow cover, gone by morning
October 9 Light snow cover, gone by morning
Drought year - Very severe drought, not affecting us here much. Some dams have dried up.
Many towns running out of water, it is desperate.
1995 April 2 First heavy frost
June 17 Heavy rain, sleet & snow. Gone by morning
18 Rain then snow (3cm)
19 Snow (3cm)
22 Light snow cover
23 Snow followed by rain, did not lay long
July 20 Rain & snow showers
21 Rain & snow showers, did not lay
October 10 Last heavy frost
December 26 Light frost
In August had driest month on record with only 1.8mm.
In September had wettest month on record with 181.0mm
Been drought declared for most of the year
1996 April 11 First heavy frost
July 13 2cm snow all day, did not lay
14 2cm snow all day, did not lay
31 Snow showers, did not lay
August 19 Snow all night (20cm on ground)
20 Snow all day (35cm on ground)
September 3 Snow overnight, light covering on ground
22 Light snow cover, gone by morning
November 11 Last heavy frost
23 Last frost
Belltrees bridge collapsed in November
Devastating storms in December - especially Armidale & Singleton.
Coffs Harbour town flooded.
1997 April 8 First heavy frost
June 16 Sleet turned to rain
October 4 Last heavy frost
No snow this year.
Below average rain all year except for May & Sep.
1998 March 9 First frost (0C)
May 9 First heavy frost (-5C)
June 8 Sleety showers
18 Sleety showers
23 Snow in morning
24 Snow & sleet all day (4cm on ground)
25 Sleety showers
26 Sleety showers
July 10 Snow, light cover
11 Snow showers
29 Sleet & snow, light cover
30 Sleet & snow, light cover
31 Sleet & snow, light cover - went quickly
October 28 Last heavy frost (-3C)
1999 April 27 First frost (0C)
May 3 First heavy frost (-2C)
June 14 Sleety showers
15 Light snow cover
July 2 Sleety showers
November 11 Last heavy frost (0C)