BARRINGTON TOPS (Hunter Springs) Observations from 2000
All observations courtesy of Mrs Cathleen Wright
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2000 April 24 First frost (-2C)
May 29 Snow overnight (8cm on ground)
30 Snow
31 Rain, sleet & snow (3cm on ground)
June 30 Rain, sleet & snow all day & night (13cm on ground)
July 1 Rain, sleet & snow (6cm)
28 Sleet & snow (11cm on ground)
29 Snow
August 16 Snow & sleet (3cm on ground)
17 Snow & sleet (3cm on ground)
25 Light covering of snow
26 Rain + snow & sleety showers
October 4 Last heavy frost (0C)
2001 March 25 Flooded village of Moonan including several houses, croquet court, sports ground & pub
April 2 First frost
May 11 First heavy frost
July 8, 9 & 10 Snow showers mixed with rain, did not settle
August 23 Snow showers, did not settle
27 Storms, rain then snow overnight (10cm on ground)
28 Snow, rain,sleet then snow again (20cm on ground)
October 28 Last heavy frost
2002 All state in severe drought. We have recorded our driest year on record with only 666.0mm
The dams have stopped running which has not happened before
May 7 First frost & heavy frost
June 29 Snow, light cover did not stay long
July 4 Rain then snow, light cover did not stay long
September 27 Light snow showers
October 2 Last frost
Nov/Dec Fires all around us - majority of the state also on fire
2003 April 7 First frost
May 8 First heavy frost
July 24 Light snow cover
26 Approx 6cm on ground, heavy frosts kept cover there
August 12 Light snow flakes
26 Light snow cover
November 3 Snow flakes
3 Several late frosts - Last frost
2004 April 25 First frost
May 2 First heavy frost
June 19 Snow & sleet showers, light cover
20 Snow & sleet showers, light cover
July 18 Snow all day & night (21cm on ground)
19 Snow & sleet (still 21cm on ground)
20 Snow showers (still 21cm on ground)
Heavy frosts afterwards kept the snow there for about a week
August 4 Snow (5cm on ground - melted quickly)
6 Snow & sleet all gone
15 Rain then snow, light cover
2005 May 19 First frost
June 23 Snow (5cm deep)
24 Snow (7cm deep)
July 10 Rain, sleet then snow (2.5cm on ground)
11 Showers, sleet then rain - washed snow away
August 13 Snowed all day, did not settle
17 Snow overnight, 1cm cover gone next day
2006 Snow - very little this year
September 7 Rain, sleet then snow (1cm on ground)
8 Snow then rain, mist & fog, 4cm cover gone the next day
2007 May 23 First frost
June 8 & 9 Very heavy rain in Newcastle area causing floods as far as Maitland
9 Snow (10cm deep)
20 Snow (10cm deep)
21 Snow still there & frozen over
22 Snow - a further 1cm
28 Snow (3cm deep)
29 Snow followed by rain, all snow gone
July 6 Snow overnight followed by rain
9 Snow all day (3cm deep)
18 Light snow