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   This section of my website is devoted to the weather observations in the Barrington Tops at Hunter Springs.
Weather Cam  All data courtesy of Mrs Wright at a nice 1235m (4052 ft)  above sea level!
Data  Watch this space for further updates in the near future. These will include min/max temps back to Jan 2002.
Latest Report  NOTE: During 1970 the location of this BoM rainfall station was moved a short distance, this means the location of these observations would have
Archive  also changed. Prior to 1970 the station was at 1280m (4199 ft) above sea level.
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  Mercury Dobbie min/max thermometer placed under carport on a north facing wall (installed on the southern side of the wall) at   

  a height of ~6 feet & ~1m from her house.


  Separated mercury in thermometer saw Mrs Wright adding 2C to her maximum temps.


  Stevenson Screen is installed


  Separated mercury in thermometer saw Mrs Wright adding 5C to her maximum temps.


  Wireless digital min/max thermometer is installed


  Stevenson Screen damaged in a storm & placed on ground at the base of the post. Temperatures being read from here.


  Digital sensor placed in carport, same spot as previous.



  Latest Barrington Tops Weather News

   My latest personal chase report can be viewed here.
  09-10/08/2012 Observations courtesy of Steven Oliver
* Arrived at Polblue after 7pm under clear skies with a temperature of 1-2C
* Cloud increased around 10pm with a temperature -1C
* A short shower of small ice pellets came down around 11pm
* Temperature at 4am was -4C
* Another small shower of ice pellets around 7am with the temp still down around the -3C mark at 8am
* There was sleet on and off throughout the day but the heavier shower of ice pellets started at 4pm (2C) and it looked like there were some snow flakes coming down as I was driving off the mountain at 4.30pm
* Unfortunately no settling snow in the time I was there from Thursday night to Friday afternoon
  18/08/2012 BT Snow Chase
* No snow or ice to be found anywhere
* I heard a report that snow fell briefly overnight but melted quickly