Thursday, 20 January 2005
From: Raymond Terrace, Written by: Grant Burgess
1700 - A line of storms is slowly moving in from the W, probably still 70km away.
1720 - A small cell has just sprung up infront of the main storm line.
1728 - New cell beginning to precipitate in the distance, doesn't look at all severe.
1735 - Precipitation curtain has just hit, large hail falling lightly to my amazement.
1738 - Hail stopping now, seems the worst of the storm may have passed us to the SW.
1750 - Storm now looking strong to the SE, main storm line has died.
This event gave us hail 3.4cm, and 4.4mm in 5 mins - Not too much.
Other reports of hail occurred near Heatherbrae to about the size of golf balls (no more than 4km from my home!).
My friend Tim Grugeon viewed our storm from the W side and reported seeing 'a massive lowering'.