MAY 2005
Weather Report, Climatic conditions Recorded from Raymond Terrace
Using a WM-918 Electronic Weather Station, and Nylex Rain Gauge 1000.
2005 by: Grant Burgess Circulation: 22 + Frequency: Monthly Issue #: 113
My Daily Min/Max Air Temperatures & Rainfall Readings can be found Weekly
in the Port Stephens Examiner. Circulation: 28 260
The Average Max Temp was 21.07 C The Avg Max Wind Gust was 22.91 km/h
(which is 0.29 C Above average) (which is 0.27 km/h Above average)
The Highest Max Temp was 24.4 C The Prevailing Wind Direction was S
(recorded on the 10th at 1438) (the average wind direction is SW)
The Lowest Max Temp was 17.3 C The Max Wind Gust was 38.9 km/h
(recorded on the 17th at 1135) (recorded from the S on the 16th at 1518p)
The Average Min Temp was 10.43 C The Avg Daily Wind Run was 53.49 km
(which is 0.24 C Above average) The Max Daily Wind Run was 168.5 km
The Highest Min Temp was 15.1 C (recorded on the 26th)
(recorded on the 13th at 0531) The Min Daily Wind Run was 10.5 km
The Lowest Min Temp was 4.6 C (recorded on the 10th)
(recorded on the 31st at 0635)  
The Avg Min Wind Chill was 8.03 C
The Avg Max Relative Humidity was 95.39 % (which is 0.43 C Above average)
(which is 2.32 % Above average) The Min Wind Chill was 2 C
The Avg Min Relative Humidity was 48.19 % (recorded on the 27th at 0602)
(which is 0.66 % Below average)  
The Total Monthly Rainfall was 250.1 mm
The Avg Max Dew-Point was 13.85 C (which is 95.04 mm Above average)
(which is 0.98 C Above average) The Median Monthly Rainfall is 106.00 mm
The High Max Dew-Point was 18.7 C The Number of Rain Days was 12 days
(recorded on the 4th at 1021p) (which is 1.57 days Above average)
The Avg Min Dew-Point was 7.30 C The Cumulative Yearly Rainfall is 701.7 mm
(which is 0.50 C Above average) (which is 107.6 mm Above average)
The Low Min Dew-Point was 0.1 C The Highest Daily Rainfall was 89.4 mm
(recorded on the 28th at 0622n) (recorded on the 13th)
The Avg Max Heat Index was 24.42 C PHENOMENA: (Number of Days with)
The High Max Heat Index was 25.2 C Thunderstorms 2 Avg = 0.75
(recorded on the 5th at 1340) Distant Tss 6 Avg = 3.83
Hail 0 Avg = 0.00
The Avg Min Grass Temp was 7.07 C Dew 18 Avg = 22.43
(A Record For May) Fog 7 Avg = 10.43
(which is 1.71 C Above average) Frost 0 Avg = 0.29
The Min Grass Temp was -0.4 C  
(recorded on the 31st) SEASONAL STATISTICS: (Autumn)
The Average Max Temp was 24.51 C
(which is 0.32 C Above average)
The Average Min Temp was 13.39 C
(which is 0.17 C Above average)
The Total Rainfall was 496.6 mm
(which is 99.39 mm Above average)
The Number of Rain days was 33 days
(which is 0.00 days Below average)
Extreme Rainfall
~ On the morning of the 12th, from around 7am till midday we experienced some of the most consistent heavy rain that
I have ever seen. From 7 - 9am I recorded 60.8mm, and from 9 - midday we had a further 73.0mm, for a total of 133.8mm
in 5 hours!!! Our 48hr total was 150.2mm. This bought some flash flooding to Raymond Terrace in areas that I have
never previously seen under water (in the last 20 years). To this day over a month later there is still water laying on
on the grass behind our house.
Recent Additions to Statistics List
~ I have added a monthly data page & daily temperature page to my main data file. This will ensure monthly data is
updated much quicker in the future. I have also added more counts for several parameters in my yearly summary
page, along with a running day count & percentage complete value - these are also on my website.