Tuesday 31st, October 2006
From: Raymond Terrace, Written by: Grant Burgess
1445 - A storm cell near Tocal was moving E & began intensifying.
1454 - I observed explosive development on the cells SW side with it not too far off to my N & NW.
1500 - Cell was still moving E with lightning now visible to my NW. 
1505 - Rain curtains were now also visible, there seemed like 2 separate ones moving in different directions. One to the NE moving E & the
          other to the NW moving S.
1510 - I saw a possible wall cloud or meso structure developing to my W moving S. Spent the next 15mins trying to get the video camera to
          work to observe the rapid S movement of the rain curtain, rapid cloud movements & cloud to ground (CG) lightning. I was unsuccessful
          until over an hour later when of course it was too late!
1525 - I headed for cover with my car under a nearby bridge as I thought we were in the firing line. At this stage I was having trouble with my 
          ADSL connection as well & was unable to access any current radar images.
1537 - Due to the nature of the bridge & surrounding trees I was unable to see anything that was happening, apart from a small view to the ENE.
          Heavy showers began to fall with some brief moderate winds shortly after.
1610 - Had a period of flangs which lasted only 5 - 10mins.
Event in Review
~ This storm was classified as a High Precipitation Supercell (HPSC). Althought not terribly rare in this area, it is uncommon to see them
   impacting on such highly populated areas.
~ Large hail to 5cm was repoorted from this storm with the worst affected areas seeming to be around Sandgate, Newcastle Uni, Maryland,
   Wallsend & Mereweather. Hail was also reported from many other areas (furtherst N I heard was Morpeth) along with flash flooding.
~ Storm chasers on this storm reported small hail in Motto Farm which is only 4km to my SW. Here in RT I observed 5.0mm of rain with
   a max wind gust of 36.7km/h from the NNE at 1546.
~ The meso structure & wall cloud I saw were also observed by many other people in the area. I even heard reports of a possible funnel.
~ Next time I head for cover with the car I intend choosing a bridge with a better view.