Weather Report, Climatic conditions recorded from Raymond Terrace, NSW Australia
Location: Lat 3246'S, Long 15146'E Elevation: 8m Approx 12km from the ocean to the SE.
Using a WM-918 Electronic Weather Station, and Nylex Rain Gauge 1000.
My daily data can be found weekly in the Port Stephens Examiner. Circulation: 29 645
2007 by: Grant Burgess Circulation: 21 + Frequency: Monthly Issue #: 12
The Average Max Temp was 24.74 C The Avg Max Wind Gust was 29.74 km/h*
(which is 0.22 C Above average) (A Record For Ray Tce)
The Highest Max Temp was 41.2 C (which is 2.36 km/h Above average)
(recorded on the 21st of Jan at 1722) The Prevailing Wind Direction was S *
The Lowest Max Temp was 13.5 C (the average wind direction is S)
(recorded on the 20th of Jul at 1134) The Max Wind Gust was 61.2 km/h
(recorded from the S on the 28th of Jan at 1345p)
The Average Min Temp was 13.17 C  
(which is 0.66 C Above average) The Avg Daily Wind Run was 119.95 km*
The Highest Min Temp was 22.6 C (which is 4.78 km Above average)
(recorded on the 24th of Jan at 0905p) The Max Daily Wind Run was 391.0 km
The Lowest Min Temp was 2.3 C (recorded on the 6th of Nov)
(recorded on the 17th of Jul at 0731) The Min Daily Wind Run was 0.1 km
(A Record For Ray Tce)
The Avg Max Relative Humidity was 92.86 % (recorded on the 20th of Apr)
(which is 0.08 % Below average)  
The Avg Min Relative Humidity was 42.39 % The Avg Min Wind Chill was 15.08 C*
(which is 0.04 % Above average) (A Record For Ray Tce)
(which is 4.79 C Above average)
The Avg Max Dew-Point was 15.93 C The Min Wind Chill was 7 C*
(which is 0.74 C Above average) (recorded on the 18th of Oct at ****)
The High Max Dew-Point was 24.3 C  
(recorded on the 23rd of Mar at 1012p) The Total Yearly Rainfall was 1247.0 mm
The Avg Min Dew-Point was 8.61 C (which is 160.19 mm Above average)
(which is 0.43 C Above average) The Median Yearly Rainfall is 1025.60 mm
The Low Min Dew-Point was -4.0 C The Number of Rain Days was 123 days
(recorded on the 18th of Jul at 1940) (A Record For Ray Tce)
(which is 6.44 days Above average)
The Avg Max Heat Index was 25.47 C The Highest Daily Rainfall was 198.0 mm
(A Record For Ray Tce) (A Record For Ray Tce)
(which is 0.54 C Below average) (recorded on the 9th of Jun)
The High Max Heat Index was 41.3 C  
(recorded on the 12th of Jan at 1410) PHENOMENA: (Number of Days with)
Thunderstorms 31 Avg = 30.40
The Avg Min Grass Temp was 10.61 C Distant Tss 65 Avg = 62.50
(A Record For Ray Tce) Hail 5 Avg = 2.36
(which is 1.94 C Above average) Dew 183 Avg = 222.33
The Min Grass Temp was -1.6 C Fog 38 Avg = 79.11
(recorded on the 17th of Jul) Frost 3 Avg = 8.89
* - Due to my anemometer being unreliable between May & Oct in recording wind data, these averages will not be used
in the calculating of any new annual averages.
Brief 2007 Summary of Significant Weather Events
Mar - Large hail reported from several areas between Maitland & the coast from 1700 to 1800. Largest I've heard reported
was from Berry Park at 6.5cm.
Apr - Very light winds were observed thru the last two thirds of the month.
Jun - The month of the ECL, need I say more! Massive rainfall totals were observed thru coastal areas in particular with
the Barrington Tops also receiving several decent snowfalls.
The majority of the last half of the year has seen a return to more normal conditions with the introduction of La Nina.
Rainfalls have been regular & plentiful with maximum temperatures being down on previous years. Humidty levels over
the last three months have been well above normal which is a nice change, albeit a little more uncomfortable!