Friday 8th, June 2007
From: Raymond Terrace, Written by: Grant Burgess
Event in Review
~ This was an incredible weather event that was comparable to the infamous 'Sygna Storm' on 26 May 1974.
~ Rainfall was a predominant feature of this system, some of the more impressive 48hr totals (till 9am on the 9th) were as follows: 
Cessnock 243.6 Nobbys 231.4
Clarencetown 257.2 Paterson (Tocal) 291.8
Denman 220.0 Peats Ridge 366.2
Gosford 339.4 Raymond Terrace 264.0
Maitland 260.0 Williamtown 184.8
Mangrove Mtn 382.8
~ Strong & gusty winds were also a major feature, particularly along the coastal fringes. Nobby's recorded a max gust of 124km/h at 0133 on
   the 9th while Norah Head recorded a gust of 135km/h at 0130.
~ Swells off Newcastle peaked at a massive 17.9m. This helped to cause the beaching of the 'Pasha Bulker' on Nobby's beach.
Here is my accound of the event.
Thu 7th
Cool & overcast with heavy morning showers. Winds gradually increased from the S through the day.
Fri 8th
The morning was overcast with strong SE winds & occasional heavy showers.
1200 - A heavy rain band moves through from the N bringing cold temps & occasional small hail along with a storm.
1300 - Winds become briefly gusty from the WSW.
1430 - Rain eases. A convergence line is now noticeable on radar over Newcastle streaming in constant heavy showers from the ESE.
          Flooding reports around Newey quickly increasing & people are urged to stay put.
1500 - Cloud again darkening to the S with another front moving in. Thunder begins to increase in volume.
Sat 9th
0000 - Winds again strengthen, this time from the NW with the approach of the rapidly deepening, fast moving eye of the low. This system
          on radar took on the appearance of a Tropical Cyclone with an 'eye' feature.
0100 - Northern edge of the 'eye' feature passes just to my N, leaving me to personally experience it. I personally believe this was not a true
          eye due to conditions remaining overacast throughout the whole period. I feel the low was simply rain wrapped & this is what gave the 'eye'
0200 - Showers quickly cleared from the E & the low (now inland) quickly dissipates.