Weather Report, Climatic conditions recorded from Raymond Terrace, NSW Australia
Location: Lat 3246'S, Long 15146'E Elevation: 8m Approx 12km from the ocean to the SE.
Using a WM-918 Electronic Weather Station, and Nylex Rain Gauge 1000.
My daily data can be found weekly in the Port Stephens Examiner. Circulation: 29 645
2007 by: Grant Burgess Circulation: 21 + Frequency: Monthly Issue #: 144
The Average Max Temp was 27.67 C The Avg Max Wind Gust was 32.69 km/h
(which is 1.67 C Below average) (which is 1.85 km/h Above average)
The Highest Max Temp was 33.5 C The Prevailing Wind Direction was S
(recorded on the 15th at 1648) (the average wind direction is S)
The Lowest Max Temp was 20.8 C The Max Wind Gust was 55.1 km/h
(recorded on the 25th at 0859n) (recorded from the NW on the 4th at 1526p)
The Average Min Temp was 17.35 C The Avg Daily Wind Run was 192.65 km
(which is 0.67 C Above average) (A Record For Dec)
The Highest Min Temp was 21.9 C (which is 52.88 km Above average)
(recorded on the 22nd at 0524) The Max Daily Wind Run was 343.3 km
The Lowest Min Temp was 12.6 C (A Record For Dec)
(recorded on the 15th at 0528) (recorded on the 18th)
The Min Daily Wind Run was 93.5 km
The Avg Max Relative Humidity was 95.03 % (recorded on the 1st)
(which is 2.67 % Above average)  
The Avg Min Relative Humidity was 45.80 % The Avg Min Wind Chill was 15.34 C
(A Record For Dec) (which is 0.44 C Above average)
(which is 7.59 % Above average) The Min Wind Chill was 11 C
(recorded on the 15th at 0634)
The Avg Max Dew-Point was 20.72 C  
(A Record For Dec) The Total Monthly Rainfall was 88.5 mm
(which is 1.89 C Above average) (which is 21.07 mm Above average)
The High Max Dew-Point was 23.2 C The Median Monthly Rainfall is 54.95 mm
(recorded on the 17th at 1642p) The Number of Rain Days was 18 days
The Avg Min Dew-Point was 13.19 C (A Record For Dec)
(which is 1.94 C Above average) (which is 8.10 days Above average)
The Low Min Dew-Point was 6.1 C The Cumulative Yearly Rainfall is 1247.0 mm
(recorded on the 14th at 1744) (which is 160.26 mm Above average)
The Highest Daily Rainfall was 17.0 mm
The Avg Max Heat Index was 29.11 C (recorded on the 4th)
(which is 1.55 C Below average)  
The High Max Heat Index was 36.3 C PHENOMENA: (Number of Days with)
(recorded on the 21st at 1433) Thunderstorms 6 Avg = 5.80
Distant Tss 8 Avg = 8.63
The Avg Min Grass Temp was 15.72 C Hail 0 Avg = 0.36
(A Record For Dec) Dew 17 Avg = 15.33
(which is 1.70 C Above average) Fog 1 Avg = 3.33
The Min Grass Temp was 11.1 C Frost 0 Avg = 0.00
(recorded on the 15th)  
Hail Reports
~ Mon 3rd - My parents observed at least marble sized hail & torrential rain to the near W of RT.
~ Sun 9th - A little further from home but impressive nonetheless, Sydney observed hail in the 7-8cm range. Even heard
reports that their 2nd largest stone was even observed!
Weather Chases
~ Tue 4th - Chased storms in the hunter from the Maitland area.
Instrument Additions
~ Mon 10th - Installed new Rain Gauge (TB3), I will begin officially using from 1 Jan. My Nylex will be used as a backup.
~ Purchased a wireless thermometer for use in the Barrington Tops. Began testing from the 13th against both my AWS &
official BoM standard thermometer. Accuracy seems excellent so far, will continue testing thru Jan.
Instrument Repairs
~ Tue 11th - AWS thermometer began having problems after the cable was disturbed the previous day with my TB3.
I ended up replacing both the modular plug & joiner. This thankfully fixed the problem.