Tuesday, 4 December 2007




From: Lower Hunter, Written by: Grant Burgess




I left home at 1500 & went as far as Maitland. The best activity seemed both N & S of me most of the time. The stuff to the S fired earlier & produced a beautiful crisp reasonably thick anvil - what little I could see of it.

The stuff to the N fired later with some interesting base formations & infrequent lightning. I believe these N storms kicked off from a smallish cell which broke away from the storms in the S - & probably passed Maitland somewhere to the W. I began driving E with several stops soon after 1600 & watched these storms grow & look quite nasty at several stages.

I then turned N & headed toward Seaham straight into the activity, infrequent CG's were coming down ~10km further N amongst a decent rain curtain. Only went a little way up the road before turning back & headed back toward RT.

These cells seemed to build on their S edge & passed over me ~1730 with some moderate showers & the odd close CG. Little wind with this cell but we had moderate SSW winds with the build up. I recorded a max gust of 37.8km/h in RT near the river while here at home recorded a max gust of 49.0km/h around the same time.