JULY 2008
Weather Report, Climatic conditions recorded from Raymond Terrace, NSW Australia
Location: Lat 3246'S, Long 15146'E Elevation: 8m Approx 12km from the ocean to the SE.
Using a WM-918 Electronic Weather Station, and TB3 Hydrological Services Rain Gauge.
My daily data can be found weekly in the Port Stephens Examiner. Circulation: 29 645
2008 by: Grant Burgess Website Hits: 741 Frequency: Monthly Issue #: 151
The Average Max Temp was 17.61 C The Avg Max Wind Gust was 33.49 km/h
(which is 0.30 C Below average) (A Record For Jul)
The Highest Max Temp was 21.5 C (which is 8.94 km/h Above average)
(recorded on the 15th at 1438) The Prevailing Wind Direction was NW
The Lowest Max Temp was 11.5 C (the average wind direction is SW)
(A Record For Jul & Overall) The Max Wind Gust was 65.4 km/h
(recorded on the 28th at 1121) (A Record For Jul)
(recorded from the WNW on the 11th at 1123p)
The Average Min Temp was 6.64 C  
(which is 0.24 C Below average) The Avg Daily Wind Run was 91.35 km
The Highest Min Temp was 11.5 C (which is 1.93 km Above average)
(recorded on the 2nd at 0002) The Max Daily Wind Run was 238.8 km
The Lowest Min Temp was 2.6 C (recorded on the 10th)
(recorded on the 12th at 0655) The Min Daily Wind Run was 12.9 km
(recorded on the 7th)
The Avg Max Relative Humidity was 92.03 %  
(which is 0.99 % Above average) The Avg Min Wind Chill was 2.37 C
The Avg Min Relative Humidity was 42.77 % (which is 1.22 C Below average)
(which is 1.84 % Below average) The Min Wind Chill was -4 C
(recorded on the 10th at 0546)
The Avg Max Dew-Point was 9.75 C  
(which is 0.48 C Above average) The Total Monthly Rainfall was 70.4 mm
The High Max Dew-Point was 17.6 C (which is 7.26 mm Above average)
(recorded on the 15th at 1419p) The Median Monthly Rainfall is 54.35 mm
The Avg Min Dew-Point was 2.34 C The Number of Rain Days was 12 days
(which is 0.60 C Below average) (which is 2.30 days Above average)
The Low Min Dew-Point was -3.6 C The Cumulative Yearly Rainfall is 946.6 mm
(recorded on the 22nd at 1752) (A Record For Jul)
(which is 217.20 mm Above average)
The Avg Max Heat Index was 18.24 C The Highest Daily Rainfall was 19.6 mm
(which is 0.36 C Below average) (recorded on the 29th)
The High Max Heat Index was 24.5 C  
(recorded on the 7th at 1637) PHENOMENA: (Number of Days with)
Thunderstorms 1 Avg = 0.64
The Avg Min Grass Temp was 4.17 C Distant Tss 2 Avg = 2.67
(which is 2.04 C Above average) Hail 1 Avg = 0.00
The Min Grass Temp was -0.3 C Dew 22 Avg = 21.20
(recorded on the 12th) Fog 1 Avg = 7.30
Frost 2 Avg = 3.60
Hail Reports
~ Sun 27th - Weak storms shortly after 1630 bought rice grain sized stones with some being slighhtly larger.
Barrington Tops Snow
~ I suspect the BTs saw snowfalls on several days this month but have only heard of these two times so far.
~ Wed 9th - 3 to 5cm, but also heard a report of 8cm
~ Mon 28th - About a 5cm cover
Instrument Additions & Alterations
~ Installed a new Vortex anemometer on the 1st to be a backup for my AWS anemometer. Removed my AWS anemometer
several weeks later for repairs. Hence all wind readings this month are from the new anemometer. As a quick guide, the
vortex measures peak wind gusts better but measures low wind speeds less effectively. This means my wind run values
are probably a little lower than what the AWS would've recorded. I only have a few short hours worth of comparisons
too between the anemometers which is less than ideal.
~ Lowered grass sensor gradually to ground level to try & match the reading from this thermometer with that from my
standard BoM minimum thermometer. Results proving much better thus far.