Weather Report, Climatic conditions recorded from Raymond Terrace, NSW Australia
Location: Lat 3246'S, Long 15146'E Elevation: 8m Approx 12km from the ocean to the SE.
Using a WM-918 Electronic Weather Station, and TB3 Hydrological Services Rain Gauge.
My daily data can be found weekly in the Port Stephens Examiner. Circulation: 28 108
2008 by: Grant Burgess Website Hits: 480 Frequency: Monthly Issue #: 156
The Average Max Temp was 29.44 C The Avg Max Wind Gust was 37.28 km/h
(which is 0.26 C Above average) (A Record For Dec)
The Highest Max Temp was 35.0 C (which is 6.21 km/h Above average)
(recorded on the 3rd at 1623) The Prevailing Wind Direction was NA
The Lowest Max Temp was 21.5 C (the average wind direction is S)
(recorded on the 11th at 1252) The Max Wind Gust was 64.4 km/h
(recorded from the on the 30th at 1447p)
The Average Min Temp was 17.24 C  
(which is 0.50 C Above average) The Avg Daily Wind Run was 104.83 km
The Highest Min Temp was 20.3 C (A Record For Dec)
(recorded on the 10th at 0640) (which is 48.16 km Below average)
The Lowest Min Temp was 10.4 C The Max Daily Wind Run was 250.7 km
(recorded on the 21st at 0405) (recorded on the 11th)
The Min Daily Wind Run was 38.2 km
The Avg Max Relative Humidity was 88.70 % (recorded on the 28th)
(which is 4.00 % Below average)  
The Avg Min Relative Humidity was 36.60 % The Avg Min Wind Chill was 15.90 C
(which is 2.56 % Below average) (A Record For Dec)
(which is 0.93 C Above average)
The Avg Max Dew-Point was 19.56 C The Min Wind Chill was 12 C
(which is 0.49 C Above average) (recorded on the 16th at 0551)
The High Max Dew-Point was 26.2 C  
(A Record For Dec & All Time) The Total Monthly Rainfall was 94.2 mm
(recorded on the 14th at 1159p) (which is 24.85 mm Above average)
The Avg Min Dew-Point was 10.30 C The Median Monthly Rainfall is 55.50 mm
(which is 1.19 C Below average) The Number of Rain Days was 12 days
The Low Min Dew-Point was 2.8 C (which is 1.36 days Above average)
(recorded on the 3rd at 1643) The Cumulative Yearly Rainfall is 1430.6 mm
(A Record For Dec & All Time)
The Avg Max Heat Index was 30.11 C (which is 327.83 mm Above average)
(which is 0.24 C Below average) The Highest Daily Rainfall was 33.8 mm
The High Max Heat Index was 35.8 C (recorded on the 13th)
(recorded on the 28th at 1507)  
PHENOMENA: (Number of Days with)
The Avg Min Grass Temp was 15.14 C Thunderstorms 3 Avg = 5.82
(which is 0.70 C Above average) Distant Tss 8 Avg = 8.56
The Min Grass Temp was 8.9 C Hail 1 Avg = 0.33
(recorded on the 21st) Dew 20 Avg = 15.50
Fog 4 Avg = 3.10
Frost 0 Avg = 0.00
Hail Reports
Sun 7th Golf ball sized hail observed on the Central Coast during the early afternoon.
Mon 8th Golf ball sized hail observed in Raymond Terrace during the afternoon ~1545 according to the ABC radio.
On my travels around RT soon after I found no evidence of any hail at all in the local area, we did however
receive torrential rains with the storm that produced some localised flash flooding. BoM stated the hail size
in their warning as an actual report. Possibly occurred in a nearby area (probably toward the N) with the
heavy rains ensuring anything icey would have melted quickly.
Mon 29th A large storm moved in ~1445 producing gusty winds to 64.4km/h, torrential rain (highest ever rainfall
rate I have recorded so far of 300mm/h), along with a light amount of small hail. Medowie also received small
hail though golf ball sized hail was seen both in Morrisset on the Karuah bypass, all from this one cell.
Instrument Additions & Alterations
Thu 4th Electronic grass thermometer stopped working due to old age. Attempted to replace with a new sensor but
the small wooden box it was housed in also disintegrated due to old age. Used standard BoM grass
thermometer from fri 5th onwards until I can put another box together.