Friday, 2 July 2010




From: Barrington Tops, Written by: Grant Burgess


Accompanied by Trevor Burgess (Dad)



With cool conditions persisting for the last few days & an approaching cold pool of air across central NSW with showers mixed in, I decided at the last minute to chase snow in the Barrington Tops.  I had a fair idea that there would be little to no accumulations as yet but hoped to catch a flake or two falling.  The thing that swayed me to go was the odd snow shower evident on the weather cam up Mt Kaputar (near Narrabri).


Conditions were overcast with a temperature of 14C when we left home at 1245.  Temperature dropped steadily all the way up the valley with light rain showers being pretty consistent, the temperature at Moonan Flat (410m ASL) was 8C at 1526.  Low cloud was evident around the mountains from about Muswellbrook onwards. Arrived at the Dingo Gate (1300m ASL) at 1553 with the temp at 3C & a heavy fog in the adjacent valley, very fine drizzle was falling here. Several icicle like structures were evident west of here at an elevation of ~1250m ASL.


The drive to Polblue was clear of fog though drizzle increased slightly as we gained elevation & the temperature continued to drop.  Our first icy drizzle shower occurred on the approach to Polblue ~1510m ASL, with the car thermometer at 0C.  Arrived at Polblue at 1417 (1463m ASL) with the temp still on 0C.  Stopped at the community shelter at the Polblue camping ground for lunch, temperature here was 1.3C.  Small accumulations of ice pellets were evident from earlier showers.  It was here the drizzle showers eased to sprinkles but these soon turned into snow sprinkles.  These snow sprinkles continued to fall till we got back through the Dingo gate at 1746 with the temperature now down to 0C here


A pleasant chase overall, & nice to see most of the road in much better condition than was the case for last year.