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Archive   Program Description
   * This is a conversion program that is able to take many different forms of the same parameter & output them all simultaneously for
Full Yearly Summaries     ease of comparison. For example, Temperature has Celsius, Fahrenheit & Kelvin.
   * This is also a calculator program where many useful weather calculations can be made, also with output's calculated
Averages & Extremes     simultaneously. Various calculations include Humidity, Dew-Point & Wind Chill - these have their own separate sections.
   * This program is designed to be used offline for your convenience.
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Weather Calculator   This program is completely FREE to download, and no registration is required. Absolutely no malware or tracking software
    is attached to this program - I know this because I am the sole author of the program!
    The only thing I ask is that all copies of my weather calculator be downloaded direct from this page.
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    If you have used this program successfully in the past then it may only be necessary to download the upgrade version. If not
Home   or your not shore, I advise you download the full installer version.
    Downloads here:
    Weather Calculator  (2.12 MB) - Full Version
    Weather Calculator  (127 KB) - Upgrade Version
    Brief Instructions
    - Download either of the "Weather Calculator *.**.zip" files to a known location
    - Using WinZip, unzip or extract the file to a known location
    - Open the "Weather Calculator.exe" file on your computer
    - Generally Windows98 or greater is required to run this program.
    WinZip - you can get it here:
   ADDITIONAL DOWNLOAD for users of FreeWX
   * This spreadsheet is specifically designed to be used with the 'grafdata.dat' file. It offers an efficient way of making this data
      more legible. It can be used soon after any interesting weather event & offers analysis of both 1 & 10min intervals as well as
      several graphs. MS Excel is required for use of this spreadsheet.
   * It is important that these instructions be read fully & followed exactly in order not to unsettle FreeWX.
   1. Without a doubt the most important step - please read fully before continuing!
       Copy the 'grafdata.dat' file & paste to a different folder. This should be done WITHOUT opening the file. For this you can
       either right click the file with your mouse & select copy, then select the desired folder & paste. You can also use 'CTRL C'
       & 'CTRL V' if you know what your doing.
   2. Right click your copied 'grafdata.dat' file & select 'Open With' - 'MS Excel'.
   3. Expand column A to have both the date & time visible.
   4. For best results (with the 10min page), locate your starting time & make sure the mins part ends with a 0.
   5. Copy your desired time frame & paste in cell A:1 of the spreadsheet file.
   6. Now delete all unwanted rows of data from both the 1 & 10min pages - usually all the cells containing 0's. This should ensure
       all graphs look normal.

   Data Template (318 KB)  - Updated 21/1/2008